Testimonials for Revivify Rolfing


“I received the 10-Series from Jennifer and had an amazing transformation from the inside out. She was wonderful to work with and always very attentive to my needs and seeing patterns in my body and held space for the entirety of my being.  After several sessions, all I could say to describe how I felt was, “I feel graceful.” A wonderful, empowering feeling! I no longer felt the need to appear a certain way. I simply wanted to be: soft, open, vulnerable – authentically expressing from the inside out.” ~ E. W.

“I had an amazing experience completing the 10-Series with Jennifer and saw a significant difference in how I felt. I was expecting it to hurt, but it didn’t, which was a welcome surprise. I started with persistent shoulder pain and after only one session I could not only feel the difference, I could see the difference. After going to a physical therapist twice and a chiropractor for a year it was really surprising to feel a significant change after only a few sessions.  She knew exactly where to Rolf.  Along the way, Jennifer took the time to explain what she was doing and why. This was extremely helpful and fascinating. Her positive energy and excitement was great!  The emotional aspect surprised me.  Simply talking through the work struggles I was going through before each session really made a difference.  The change in my own attitude and disposition helped me immensely in my career. I thought it was a very positive experience!”  ~ N. S.

“My expectation going into my first Rolfing appointment with Jennifer was that it would be painful.  However, that was not the case at all.  I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the sessions were; they were comfortable and even relaxing. After each session I felt looser and aware of the areas that Jennifer had worked on, but it was the culmination of the ten sessions that really made a difference for me. After the 10-series, I realized that I was standing up straighter.  In the past, my left shoulder tended to be higher than the right. After being Rolfed, my shoulders are balanced and I feel like my spine is straighter.  I feel that the alignment in my spine has reversed some of the hip pain that plagued me for years, which is now much improved.  I have even started back running, which I haven’t been able to do for a couple of years!  I would definitely recommend Jennifer to friends, family, and patients.” ~ L. J.

“I’ve had the opportunity to have Jennifer’s healing touch relieve pain and swelling in my leg.  About four weeks prior, I fell awkwardly so that my full weight came down on my right leg that folded under me.  This would be the knee that had no cartilage due to an injury and surgery decades earlier.  The pain from the fall was intense and constant so I was not sleeping properly.  During the very first session with Jennifer, the swelling and heat dissipated and I was relieved of the pain.  I have had two more sessions and I am now walking naturally without any pain. I am a believer in Rolfing and especially in Jennifer’s touch!  And I highly recommend her not as a last option but as a first resort.” ~ R. W.

“I liked the organized approach of the 10 series. I feel that it covered all of the major structural areas in a logically progressive format. I am pleased to see and feel that I am more balanced. I tend to be very right hand dominant and I now notice that I am more balanced especially when working out. Previously when doing push-ups, for example, I would favor my left shoulder. Now I am more evenly weighted when doing push-ups and this makes for a better workout for me. I also notice when doing an overhead press that I am much more balanced than I was before going through the 10 series.” ~ J. P.

“This [Rolfing 10-Series] has been the most amazing thing I have ever done! The physical pain that I was in on a daily basis has almost vanished. I have let go of so much on a physical and emotional level. Thank you.” ~ M. K.

“I saw Jennifer in the beginning of her training and journey into Rolfing. I was impressed with her dedication to better health and well-being. My back felt significantly better and stronger after my sessions. I would definitely recommend Revivify Rolfing!”  ~ G. W.

“I never knew what Rolfing was, and never realized how good it could make me feel and I really had no expectations because I wasn’t sure what it could do for me. I did the ten series to improve my posture. I feel that my gait and the way I carry myself have changed and that I stand taller, thanks to Jennifer. I would tell a friend about Rolfing because it improves your health and your emotional well being. I would highly recommend Jennifer Wilkerson because she combines her skills along with her inate intuition. The combination is pretty powerful.” ~ S. C.