About Jennifer



The personal transformation I experienced due to Rolfing ® Structural Integration was so utterly profound, I affectionately look at my life as B.R. (Before Rolfing) and A.R. (After Rolfing) Let me tell you, the A.R. life is infinitely better, in every way imaginable.  Here’s my story:

In my early 40’s, after years of corporate life and motherhood, my body began to fall apart. First I tore the labrum in my hip.  Yes, nearly impossible to do, but I did it. Later that same year, I took the kids out for a walk in a local park and proceeded to roll my ankle and break it.  It was the same leg as the bad hip, no surprise.  Subsequent ankle surgery led to arthroscopic hip surgery, culminating with a gallbladder removal.  Yes 3 surgeries in less than a year. These surgeries and the subsequent down time did a number on both my physique and psyche. I got fat and depressed.  And I was in constant pain. 

After 3 physical therapists in 18 months, and still in daily pain, I was referred to a “Rolfer.” He was my last resort before electing to go to Mayo and begging to have my leg amputated!  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Within 4 visits to the RolferTM, my range of motion in my hip had greatly improved and my pain was significantly less. As our sessions continued, I found myself talking more than I usually do and thus began the emotional work that sometimes comes up during sessions.  Family and childhood issues, career stuff, motherhood challenges and of course, surgical/medical suffering all came to light. And with each breakthrough came a release – a letting go of pain and anger.   

Then came the day that I decided to walk away from corporate life and devote the rest of my life to helping others heal their pain – physical and/or emotional. Research is proving the mind/body connection every day.  Science is catching up to what humans have known for centuries – the body can heal itself.  I’ve heard the phrase “the issues are in the tissues” on many occasions and I truly believe that. They just need to be brought out into the open. You don’t always need to tell the story either – sometimes just feeling an emotion is all you need to do.  Then let go and breathe.

I would be honored to accompany you on your journey to better health and well-being, however that may look for you.  The benefits are many and each person’s experience with Rolfing is unique.  We RolfersTM are given a recipe, a “map,” but each territory is different. Some people will find great physical pain relief, while others may realize the lightness of being that comes with emotional release.

That’s my story as of now and I couldn’t be more excited to see how the next chapters unfold.  I hope you will be one of the cast of characters within it.

With much joy in your curiosity, I look forward to meeting you,

your Minneapolis Rolfer