Rolfing FAQs

Will it be painful?

There is a common myth or misconception that Rolfing® SI is painful. This is not the case at Revivify Rolfing. The comfort of the client is respected and top priority. If there is discomfort with the level of pressure, that may indicate chronic tension stored in those tissues. When this happens, and deeper work isn’t appropriate, adjustments will be made to ensure the level of pressure is comfortable.  Many clients experience great change with a more subtle touch.

How does Rolfing® SI differ from Massage?

First and foremost, the goals of the work differ as well as the way you and your body is approached.

Massage is a type of bodywork that creates relaxation in the body and increased circulation where the client is worked on. It is a very important type of bodywork that takes into consideration where the person is currently and helps them relax.

Structural Integration practitioners look through a lens that asks, “what does my client need to be more balanced, organized and comfortable in their body?” The Rolfer™ and client work together in order to create change in the structure – better alignment, range of motion, and a place of higher function.

What is the Ten-Series?

The 10-Series is basically one session broken down into ten. Each session has its own focus but the same overall goal. The first three sessions work with the outer layers (superficial fascia) of the body. Sessions 4-7 work with the core (deep fascia) of the body. Sessions 8-10 bring the work together to integrate the body.  For a more detailed explanation, see the Ten-Series page. 

Do I have to do a Ten-Series?

No the 10-Series is not the only format because as a wise man once said “the 10-Series works on what is the same in people.” Once we observe the current state of your being, we can evaluate and decide if the 10-Series is right for you. If not, we can do an abbreviated series or just take it session-by-session to meet your specific needs. The 10-Series is going to be the best option for most people when they are starting out with Rolfing® Structural Integration. Many people find the 10-Series to be a great introduction to the work, enabling deeper, more specific work afterwards.

What should I expect between sessions?

After your session you will feel that things have shifted and at first it may cause you to be a bit sore almost as if you have just had a good workout. Next, most people feel greater energy, a growing sense of bodily awareness and increasing ease of movement.

What a session is like:

The sessions last at least 75 minutes. We will start off with a body reading looking at movement, structure, patterns, and how things have changed between each session. We then do manual manipulation on the table as well as seated work.  Along with the hands-on work, the client will participate in different movements to enhance the work. We will explore your breath, body awareness and movement. Emotional release may be experienced.

What to wear:

Your comfort is the most important thing

  • Women- Please wear a bra and underwear or 2 piece swim suit. If possible please avoid wearing sports bras unless they are spaghetti straps. Racer backs will be in the way of the back work we do.
  • Men- boxer briefs are best or regular underwear, please no loose fitting boxer shorts.
    • Running shorts may be worn to increase comfort level.
  • You may ask to be covered with a sheet or blanket during the session if you’d feel more comfortable.